Who are Opie's Emporium? 

Opie's Emporium are just one crazy dog lady, one pirate Pug and five French Bulldogs, passionate about healthy, natural and super tasty treats.

We started this venture in 2018 with the famous Liver Snaps and have enjoyed the steady expansion of our products, introducing more lines and home-made Natural Grooming Products too. 

All our treats are made in our own factory in Glasgow, Scotland, using as much Scottish produce as we can.

Licensed by APHA/DEFRA, routinely inspected to make sure everything is top notch.

Our products are sent for testing to ensure nothing but goodness in them. 

The treats are all air dried from raw to maintain as much of the nutritional value as possible and be suitable for a RAW/BARF diet as well as any other diet. 

Quality control for all our products are always passed by Opie himself, as well as Bailey, Claude, Dita, Cara and Alba.

We developed a range of natural grooming products that not only cuts down on plastic waste so great for the environment but are also fantastic for your dog’s coat, paws and schnozes!

We stock a large range of natural and healthy bones and chews for your dogs, along with lickimats and lots of amazing eco-friendly toys that we put through rigorous testing with Team Opie first before releasing to our customers!  


In September 2019 we lost our "factory" at home to a fire that wiped out all of our stock and equipment. Thanks to the wonderful support of our customers and the encouragement over the  6 months since then, we took entry of a very nice 2000 square foot unit in Hillington Park, just outside of Glasgow City Centre in March 2020. 

44 Nasmyth Road South, Hillington Park, Glasgow, G52 4RE

We got the keys on Friday 13th March 2020, and then Covid-19 hit... (starting to think it wasn't so lucky!)

As a pet food manufacturer and retailer, we have been allowed to continue production and trading. 

The treats are back in stock, finally, and we are expanding the range of fantastic pet products we stock.

We have NINE freezers packed full of Just Natural, The Raw Factory, Durham Animal Feeds and are stocking top quality kibbles too. 

All of our favourite treats are back in production!

  • Liver Snaps -100% pork liver

  • Venison and Sweer Potato Bites - 50% Scottish Venison, 50% sweet potato

  • Ducking Offal Training Treats - 100% duck liver

  • Opie's Still Game - A  mixture of Venison tripe, Grouse and Pheasant Jerky

  • Chick-kale Tenders - Grade A chicken breast and fresh curly kale

  • Lamby Lunks - 100% Lamb Lung

  • Salmon Crunchies - 100% Salmon skins 

We are so excited for the next chapter, we hope you all are too!

Love from, 

Dom, Opie, Claude, Bailey, Dita, Cara and Alba xx

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