Vet Bed - Pringle

Vet Bed - Pringle


Full Sheet - 1 metre x 1.5 metres £24.95


Vet Bedding is made from double-strength polyester fabric.


The high fibre density, pile height of 30mm means Vet Bed is thick and retains extra heat making a warm and comfortable bed.


Vet Bed has unique drainage properties which means liquids drain directly through the Vet Bed pile meaning the bedding and your pet stay warm, comfortable and dry.


Vet Bed is also both chew and stain resistant due to the thick pile and unappetising polyester.


Vet Bed is fully washable at 40C and can also be tumble dryer on a low heat.


Vet Bed is extremely hard wearing and colourfast so is unaffected by regular washing.


You can easily cut your Vet Bed to various sizes for example for crate mats or to fit the boot or seat of the car.

This is easily done with a stanley knife and Vet Bed will NOT fray when cut.Very long lastingCan be cut to size with out FRAYING


Thick pile for extra heat retention

Non irritant

Non allergenic

Dries and drains fast just in case of an accident


Does not harbour bacteria

Helps prevent pressure sores

Perfect for linning puppy crates, car boots, whelping boxes etc.

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