The Original Donut - by Dirty Little Paws

The Original Donut - by Dirty Little Paws


🍩 SUPER EFFECTIVE & SUPER CUTE - Our inflatable dog recovery collar will not only effectively prevent your poorly pooch from biting, licking or scratching sensitive areas, aiding a speedy recovery, they will also look amazing.


🍩 QUALITY & STYLE COMBINED - Our donut buster collars for dogs are made from only the finest of materials, making them incredibly comfy for your dog to wear, Ditch that 'Cone of Shame' and have your furry friend stand out in style


🍩 FULLY SATISFIED CUSTOMER - Our dog Lucy Liu is prone to hot spots and has to wear her doughnut frequently. She absolutely loves wearing it and we're fully confident that your fur baby will love wearing it too. So confident that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. waggy tails all round.


🍩 No Limitations - Unlike a vet cone, our inflatable dog collars will give unrestricted vision when wearing it. With our soft dog collar secured they will still be able eat, drink and sleep, which is difficult when wearing an Elizabethan collar or e-collar.


🍩 SPOILED FOR CHOICE - Our blue & pink sprinkled doughnuts come in 3 sizes, S, M & L. 


Fits neck circumference 19-35 cm (7.5-13.8'')

M Fits neck circumference 35-50 cm (13.8-19.7'')

L Fits neck circumference 45-60 cm (17.7-23.6'')


Features & Benefits

🍩 Ascetically pleasing

🍩 Velvety soft and super comfy

🍩 Can eat, drink and sleep whilst wearing.

🍩 Unrestricted vision.

🍩 Wont scratch or damage furniture

🍩 Cover is easily removed or washing, 40 degrees

🍩 Reduce air pressure and/or straps to fit


Acheiving the Paw 🐾fect Fit

🐾 Fully Inflate Doughnut
🐾 Place around your dogs neck with the gap upwards
🐾 Release air until gap meets
🐾 Close clip

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