COVID-19 Update 15/04/21

We are please to say that as we fall under the ESSENTAIL RETAIL CATEGORY, you are welcome into our store at any point during our opening hours. 

We respectfully ask that you maintain a 2 metre distance from each other (we have handy pawprints on the floor to help with this) 

Please wait outside if there are more than 5 people already inside the store

Scottish Governments Guidelines are that it is mandatory that we have to ask you to wear a mask when entering the store.

Some people are slightly confused how to wear a mask, so to confirm, it has to cover your MOUTH and NOSE, not just your chin! 

Children under 5 do not need to wear a mask.

*if you have a medical reason you are not able to wear a face covering, please just advise us of this. 

(we will not as for the details of this of course, however if we are inspected during your visit, the inspector would need these details.) 

Please respect our small team, if you are genuinely exempt from wearing a mask, we 100% respect this (please ensure you maintain the 2 metre distancing) 

If you just "don't want" to wear a mask, please respect our team and your dog, if any of Team Opie's come down with Covid then we need to shut the shop and factory and isolate the staff and you know your dog will NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!! 

Love, Team Opie's xx