Who are Opie's Emporium? 


Opie's Emporium started in 2018 with just one crazy dog lady, Dom, one pirate Pug (Bailey) and five French Bulldogs passionate about healthy, natural, and super tasty treats.


Starting as a little cottage industry and making the, now famous, Liver Snaps, we unfortunately had a set back in September 2019 where our home set up was lost to a fire. Thankfully dogs, humans and house were fine but production was destroyed. 

The decision was either "give up" or "go big"....and we decided to go BIG. We took on premises in March 2020, just before the Covid Pandemic started. Deciding to turn it into a factory with a raw friendly shop attached.

We were incredibly lucky that we could keep manufacturing and keep the shop open as an essential business during the lockdowns and such our little Emporium grew. 

In October 2020 we were invited to be on BBC One's Dragon's Den, where we slayed a Dragon and were offered an investment.

After filming and during further discussions, we decided the investment wasn't right for us at the time, however the support and guidance was amazing and the experience like no other and we thank the whole team for being so fantastic.


When the episode aired in April 2021, no one could have prepared us for it!

Team Opie's grew from just Dom and her dogs (with help from Family and Friends) to a team of 14 amazing people. 

And you lovely humans and your dogs across the whole UK discovered our amazing treats!


All our products are made right here in Glasgow, Scotland. Using British ingredients. We are licensed by APHA/DEFRA, routinely inspected and products sent for testing to ensure nothing nasty in them. 


The treats are all air dried from raw to maintain as much of the nutritional value as possible and be suitable for a RAW/BARF diet. 


Quality control is always passed by Opie himself, as well as the rest of Team Opie’s; Claude, Dita, Cara, Alba, Oran & the latest addition Blair the pug. Queen Bailey sadly passed away in 2021 suddenly just shy of 12 years old, but she definitely sent us Blair as a reminder that the Pug will always rule! 

Much Love, 

Dom & Team Opie's <3

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